Tubes for Food and Beverage Application

At the forefront of the Chinese food and beverage industry, JW specialize in offering top-quality cooling, heating, and distribution tubes. Our extensive range includes beer coolers, soft drink dispensers, and liquid food refrigeration tubes. Additionally, we provide a diverse selection of connections and exhaust tubes suitable for various applications, including shell and tube heat exchangers designed specifically for food-related uses.
To ensure the highest standards in the food industry, we place a strong emphasis on meeting food safety requirements for the inner surfaces of our tubes and adhering to strict hygiene standards for food applications. Our tubes are specifically reinforced to handle not only the tranfer of food substances but also the significant amount of cleaning agents used in the process. Consequently, our pipelines are extensively utilized in dairy, confectionery, beer, juice and beverage production.
We place great importance on the quality of materials and the adherence to the highest industry standards. By doing so, we provide exceptional opportunities for shell and tube heat exchangers within the food industry. Regardless of the type of the tube required, we guarantee complete compliance with industry standards and are always prepared to offer tailored solutions to meet the challenges faced by the food industry.

Application Cases

Coca Cola Coiled Stainless Pipe
Stainless fluid tube
Refrigeration stainless tube

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