A Trusted Partner For First-Class Stainless Steel And Nickel Alloy Tube

With a well-established reputation and a track record of active service in China and overseas, JW is backed by extensive experience,adeptly fulfilling every customer’s unique needs. Our mission is clear and unwavering – to produce first-class standard stainless steel and high nickel alloy tube.

The journey of creating these exceptional products often presents unexpected challenges and complexities.

However, our years of experience and unwavering dedication have uniquely positioned JW to assist our clients in overcoming these
hurdles and achieving success in their business development and have garnered cooperation and trust from renowed users in the industry.


  • 500 Tons Monthly Output
  • 60 Technicians Experienced
  • 300 Workers Experienced
  • 30,000 Square Meters Plant Area
woven bags package
Advantage of JW
  • The product has about 50 tons in stock, covering 70% of the regular specifications.
  • Excellent performance of products
  • Pricing in line with markets levels
  • Lloyd’s,PED,ISO9001 quality assurance
  • Fast Delivery
  • Professional after-sale service
  • 24 months product warranty 

Order Transaction

  • MOQ: 100kgs
  • Production lead time: 10-25 days
  • Payment terms: T/T,L/C, Western Union
  • Type of delivery: sea, air, land
  • Make to order, OEM, In stock