Stainless Steel Tube Will Break The Air Conditioning Industry “Must Copper Situation”

  • The working principle of air conditioning is the use of freon refrigerants from gas to liquid, release a lot of heat, when it changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs a lot of heat to achieve cooling or heating effect.
  • The refrigerant in air conditioning flows through the heat exchanger is the most important part of the “refrigerant pipe”, the refrigerant pipeline belongs to the pressure component, the bursting pressure should meet the operating pressure of more than 5 times, or the maximum possible pressure of more than 3 times.
  • In the past, air conditioning refrigerant tube is basically made of copper material, but because of the poor wear resistance of cooper tube, it has to made into thick tube
  • but the thick tube reduces the heat transfer coefficient of air conditioning, and the inner wall of the copper tube is rough, easy to scale, plus the copper tube will generate a thick oxide layer over time, more reduce the heat transfer coefficient, that’s why air conditioners are becoming less and less effective at colling.
  • The rising star stainless steel pipe came out unexpectedly, broke the air conditioning industry “must copper” situation ! This is the selection of a special 304 stainless steel material, coupled with advanced welding process, the production of stainless steel pipe fittings corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and super compression performance and magnesium chloride stress corrosion resistance. 
  • All have undergone special tests to develop the replacement, moreover, the stainless steel thin-walled tube improves the overall heat transfer performance, and the heat transfer coefficient is 2.121-8.408% higher than that of the copper tube. Smooth tube wall is not easy to scale, not affected by time and reduce the refrigeration effect. In addition to the stianless steel pipe material cheap, simple production process, which also can greatly reduce the cost. Therefore, the air conditioning pipe fitting industry will also “reshuffle”.

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